Mini Movie Reviews—Current Horror Flicks

Whether you love it or you avoid it like the plague, horror movies are a bucket list item for many movie-goers this week.  While I don’t always appreciate the jump scares, when enjoyed with the right people, horror movies can a great experience with friends.  What should you know about the current blockbuster movies  the big screens this Halloween? How do you know it will be the right (or wrong) pick for you? We look at three popular horror movies that will give you some thrills this October 31st.

Disclaimer: the IMBD ratings are only for reference, they are not representative of everyone’s tastes in horror movies or the entertainment value of each movie.

The Nun

IMBD rating:  5.7/10

  • Personally, as a big fan of The Conjuring series, the nun was a popular pick for me. A few weeks ago, I enjoyed (and screamed) with a handful of friends in theatre at the terrorizing demon possession sensation prelude that leads into The Conjuring  If you’re unfamiliar, the series includes Annabelle, an eerie looking doll that sends goosebumps down your arms, and The Conjuring which follows a series of terrorizing events following a demon possession.  This movie introduces the series of events following the suicide of a nun in a haunted abbey in Romania.  Even if you’re not familiar with The Conjuring series, this is an excellent movie for its abundance of jump scares and plot development.
Hell Fest

IMBD rating: 5.9/10

  • Unlike the other popular titles on the list, Hell Fest is distinctly a slasher horror movie. The roller coaster feelings of being stalked, trapped, and captured by the serial killer are all realistically experienced in this movie.  It follows the story of a group of teenagers entering a haunted theme park with scares you would experience in a real-life haunted house.  Through the mazes of each activity in the theme park the suspense builds as your sixth sense tells you someone is following you.  Although the idea is not original, it does provide you with enough thrills for the week.
The House with a Clock in its Walls

IMBD: 6.3/10

  • True horror fans will roll their eyes at this movie having made the list. However, despite being a PG 13 film, it is still a horror or thriller movie at its best.  For AU students who are looking for a moderately scary movie, this will be it.  There are still enough disturbing scenes that will be uncomfortable, but not enough to keep you awake at night.  The story follows a young boy who learns that his uncle is a warlock looking for a clock in his house that could bring about the end of the world.  It’s a family thriller movie that has beautiful graphics and a joy to watch on the big screens.