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Jason answers the question, “Is an AU degree worth it?” by noting he’s just received a “semi-official offer for a postdoc at the very prestigious Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, CA. … If you put in the work, then yes.”  Kaitland notes in same post that her AU degree got her into Law School.

Hillary asks when a course without a final exam is considered complete, answers note that it can take a month from submitting the final assignment, depending on when the course professor submits a course completion form after marking the last assignment.

Other topics include problems with submitting large files, what services are available for students with disabilities, and whether you really need to submit everything to pass a course if your grades are good enough on most of it (answer: it depends on the course).


@AthabascaU tweets:        #AthabascaU announced today that it is the first Canadian post- secondary institution to enter into a formal collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services. Learn more about how AWS fits in perfectly with our digital transformation:  cc: @AWS_Gov

@austudentsunion tweets:  AUSU values your opinions! Fill out our services survey for a chance to win some great prizes! Find the survey at  or visit  for more info! Deadline Nov 19.