The Not-So Starving Student—Magic Bullet review

Since the review of the instant pot, I have yet to come across a small kitchen appliance that fits so snugly in small counter spaces and create delicious yet nutritious options for busy students.  That is until I recently purchased a second-hand blender that adds a nutritious twist to my usual meals.  Since starting the Fall semester, I’ve had significantly less time to take care of myself.  Sometimes this means succumbing to my cravings for fast food or going for an entire week without fresh fruits or vegetables (I know!).  Despite owning an enormous 2L Hamilton Beach blender, I was disinclined to blend a single serving of milkshake and then spend additional time washing a gigantic glass container and blades.  Enter: the Magic Bullet blender.

Disclaimer: I am using Magic Bullet blender as an example, however there are various single serve blenders available.  I am in no way affiliated with the company or endorsing them in any way.

The concept: 5 stars

Imagine blending a cup of smoothie you can finish, store and wash without wasting additional time.  The concept is fantastic for students and busy workaholics alike! The set comes with 4 party mugs, shaker caps and additional containers for salsa.  Remember, the containers are in fact part of the blender itself.  The blade is also detachable and incredibly simple to wash and manage.  Say goodbye to scrubbing a giant tub of smoothie.  The containers can also be heated in the microwave to create smoothly blended soups.

The aesthetics: 4 stars

The appliance takes the same space as a small kettle on the kitchen counter.  Despite its small size, the externality is slick and appealing.  While some argue the plastic containers feel light and cheap, I personally believe they make the device lightweight and easy to use.

The usage: 5 stars

I can foresee myself and many other students, professionals and kitchen fanatics jump in on this appliance.  It’s designed to be intuitive.  There is not a single button on the device, only the container that when pressed down and aligned properly will begin blending.  There are two pre-assembled blades that allow for heavy duty blending and lighter blending such as for salsa or soft cheeses.  For myself, I found myself constantly having to remind myself to eat my fruits and veggies.  With the blender, I can easily “hide” my healthier ingredients into recipes like omelettes, crepes and pancakes.

Price point: 4 stars

While this single serve blender comes at the price of $45, it is a bargain compared to some shinier price tags such as the Ninja single serve blender.  So far, Amazon’s lower tier, classic blenders go for $20, so the Magic Bullet is at a reasonable price point, given the convenience it has provided me.  Moreover, having family members with the same blender over the last six years is a sign this product is made to last.