How to Make Extra Cash While Getting an Education

The cost of living and getting an education are both pricey prospects in Canada.  Furthermore, Christmas is coming! While many online students balance the 9-5 full-time traditional job with course work, there are plenty of ways to make extra cash on the side for those attracted to a more flexible lifestyle.  See if the following suggestions suit your unique talents and reduce money worries so you can continue to focus on your studies.

  1. Start a part-time pet sitting or dog walking service in your area. Stock up on client’s testimonials to attract new prospects.
  2. Get crafty and display your beautiful scarves or pottery at the Christmas craft fairs. Sell, sell, sell!
  3. If you just can’t leave your computer alone, sign up to do online surveys for extra cash and gift cards.
  4. Schedule an appointment with a financial advisor and discover how you can put your savings into investments and make passive income while you study.
  5. If you live near a university, find out if they have any paid studies you can partake in, if you’re feeling brave.
  6. Major companies hire seasonal merchandisers in all territories over the holiday seasons. You can expect to be equipped with a cool tablet and require your own reliable transportation to travel between stores to price check, install Point of Sale (POS), and make the shelves look pretty for the customers.  The bonus is you often have a flexible schedule that fits right in with your studies.
  7. Become a direct sales person on the side, old school, with AVON, Tupperware, or another similar type organization.
  8. If you have a garage, tools, and mechanical aptitude, offer to do affordable oil or tire changes for friends and family.
  9. Additionally, many seniors need a handy person to help them with all kinds of repairs and maintenance around their homes; they’re staying home longer to maintain their independence. Advertise your services online.
  10. Run errands, such as personal shopping and picking up parcels for those too busy to do so.
  11. If you’re a tech wizard, why not help those less fortunate, technically-challenged people (me!), get their computers and phones in smooth running, clutter-free condition.
  12. Sign up to be an online tutor and mentor other students.
  13. Snow removal artists unite and help your fellow Canadians gain access to the outside world again after yet another heavy snow fall! All you need is a sturdy back and a good shovel.
  14. De-clutter your basement and garage and everywhere else in the house. List all those items you no longer use online and make some cold hard cash, tax-free.
  15. Dust off your old Nikon and take Christmas photos for friends and family.
  16. Work part-time at your local gym and get a free gym membership in the process. Like Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod of Body Break say, “Keep fit and have fun!”
  17. If you have extra room in your home, join AirBnB and meet interesting people from all over the world while generating bed and breakfast income.
  18. Have something to say and share? Write articles or start a new column in the  The Voice Magazine that you’re reading now.
  19. Construction is booming across Canada. Labour is always in short supply—learn valuable new skills and keep fit while working at the same time.  No more gym membership required!
  20. Put your barista skills to work and make java at your local coffee shop.

Of course, the types of income opportunities you have depend where you live.  However, with online cash making options available anywhere, there is sure to be a great side job or business you can create.  Take charge of your income-generating abilities.  Better yet, make it something that is of service to others or makes the world a better place to live.  Nice work!