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Jeffi asks about AU’s mailing strategy during Canada Post work disruptions; responses indicate some parcels are being sent by Loomis courier.  In the wake of repeated posts searching for “easy” courses, Dougal looks forward to a post looking for courses that are “interesting, informative, challenging, and useful.  Amen to that, Dougal!

Other posts include a chance for a free AU course, citing artwork, ProctorU fees, and courses ACCT 460 and PSYC 345.


A desperate poster (possibly a pirate) begs for pointers for the MATH 215 midterm and final exams


@AthabascaU tweets:  “You bring yourself and a guest.  We’ll bring a cocktail and some appys.  Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.  We’re bringing the Seasonal Cheer:  #yeg #yvr #yyc #yyz.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Get involved with your AU Students’ Union and help #represent your fellow @AthabascaU students! Apply to sit on the new AUSU Student Advisory Committee!”

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