Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice Magazine.

Friday, November 23, 2018 may be “Black Friday” in certain countries, but a Canadian-based movement has also declared it “Buy Nothing Day.”   Your choice.

Going over to the Dark Side.  Former Voice editor Christina M. Frey contemplates the absurdity of her Black Friday experience.  “The year I went Black Friday shopping, I was embarrassed to be a member of the human race. ”  Editorial:  Shop—Til You Drop, November 26, 2010.

Do we really need all this shit?  Writer Mandy Gardner examines the burgeoning “buy nothing” movement, designed to counter mindless consumer spending.  “Organisers for the event say that while the best way to participate is to stay at home and give your wallet a rest, Buy Nothing Day also aims to let people know that family fun is possible without money being spent.”  International News Desk—Buy Nothing Day, November 11, 2005.

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