The Not-So Starving Student–Seattle Taste Tour

I had the chance to visit Seattle in the past week.  Despite its rainy, chilly weather this time of year, I had a chance to check off some boxes on my to-eat list.  Seattle is known for many renowned eateries including the famous Pike Place farmers market, the original Starbucks location, and world famous clam chowder shacks.  Here are a handful of the iconic food venues around the city:

Pike Place Chowder


Seattle is well-known for its seafood chowders.  Among the most visited is Pike Place Chowder.  Wandering through the farmer’s market, I found this eatery nestled in a back alleyway.  At first glance, the restaurant had a very cafeteria-like ordering station.  Having heard many fantastic reviews for atypical chowders such as the scallop and crab chowders, I decided to order the duo.  Unlike canned or fast-food restaurant chowders, this thick creamy concoction was hands-down the best one I had tasted.  If the price tag wasn’t so hefty at approximately $12 CAD per regular sized cup, I would be even more thrilled.

Momiji Sushi


Originally, I had planned on trying another sushi bar in downtown Seattle.  However, having picked the day that the Seahawks were playing in their downtown arena, I couldn’t find parking in the area.  Momiji was an upscale sushi bar just outside of the downtown core.  The venue was beautiful.  Unlike typical restaurants, there was no front sign indicating the name of the restaurant.  The classy milieu of the restaurant was perfect for a special occasion dinner (celebrating the end of midterm season).  However, the beautiful interior design meant a very expensive menu, and the quality of the sushi was mediocre at best.

Starbucks Reserve


One of my favorite experiences this trip was visiting the Starbucks Reserve.  While the original Starbucks location was in the farmer’s market, the Starbucks Reserve is situated just outside of the downtown core.  First, this cafe was unlike any other.  The entire warehouse was divided into four areas; an experience bar, the main bar, a cold brew bar, and a snacks bar.  As an avid coffee drinker, I was enthralled with the ceiling high roasting ovens and specialty brewing equipment.  I ordered a cappuccino and an Americano for sampling.  While the coffee itself was not mind- blowing, the experience of each sip in the cozy atmosphere was almost magical. 

Forgon Cocina Mexicana


After my visit to the Starbucks reserve, I paid to a visit to an authentic Mexican restaurant.  Near the entrance of the restaurant, a woman was preparing miniature tacos from scratch.  The restaurant features an incredible menu of Mexican food at a fantastic price point.  The food was unique and came with a free spicy Mexican appetizer. Top ratings for both value and taste.

X’ian Noodles


Tucked away near the university district, X’ian Noodles is a unique eatery featuring authentic Chinese X’ian cuisine.  My love of fresh, handmade noodles brought me to this location far from the Airbnb where I was staying.  I ordered a spicy beef noodles, which did not disappoint.  The noodles were fresh and chewy and satisfied my cravings.  However, I also ordered an appetizer of cold, spiced rice noodles that ended up being mediocre and slightly over-salted.