Editorial—‘Tis the SEason

The Christmas season is on the minds of our writer’s this week, but we’re going to start the whole thing off with the second part of our Feature interview with Dr. Robertson, who taught psychotherapy as part of the MAIS degree.  The second part of the interview digs deeper into Dr. Robertson’s views of his chosen area and the public perception of it, including where he thinks it needs to go in future.  It’s interesting and, if you think about it, with possible implications for other fields generally considered to be the “soft sciences”.  Definitely what I consider a good read.

But speaking of good reads, I want to know what you, the readers of the Voice, have found particularly good over the past twelve months.  That’s right, our hunt for The Best of the Voice, 2018 has already begun.  I’ve got some favorites in mind already, but I want to know what you thought were the stand-outs of the last year.  So send me your thoughts, your links, or even if you don’t quite remember what that article was, you just know it was the one about that thing and the other thing and it came out somewhere around that point in the year, let me know that at karl@voicemagazine.org.  I’m always curious to know what readers like you are connecting with.

And given that the alternative is that I make all the picks myself, you’re probably better off taking a few moments to send me something.

In the meantime, this issue we have a few curious takes on the holiday season.  A couple of articles on how to avoid the dangers of the season, while another recommends we dive whole-heartedly into them.  And while many people like to use this season to tell you to look back and reflect upon the good things in your life, we go the other way and point out how you should instead take a look at the bad things that happened, if only to see how maybe they’re not so bad after all.

And as an added twist, just when you thought the holidays meant you could take a break from your studies, we come around and point out how maybe you could use your studies as a break from the holidays.  After all, which do you really find more stressful, your schoolwork, or the demands of the Christmas season?

Of course, we also keep you up to date with the scholarships; events; social media; life, fitness, and studying advice; course reviews, and more that you need to keep you informed and updated about what’s going on at AU.

Finally , I should note that December is going to be a shorter month for us, as there will be no issue on December 28th.  We’ll be taking that time to recover from the holidays, and then the January 4th issue will be our Best Of 2018 issue, giving our writers the time to recover from New Years.  (We tried doing a normal issue for the first week of January once.  It didn’t go well.)  But until then, enjoy the read!