Nechako Surface

I thought I would end 2018 with an icy winter poem I wrote,
admittedly, a few decades ago when I lived in Prince George, BC.

Wishing readers all the warm pleasures the season brings,
and the happiest year ahead conceivable.

Nechako Surface

Whirling queen of the northlands
her banks swell
jutting through rock and grass
sure and strong, almost self-righteously
marking her territory

icy smooth swirls
reverberating ripples
softly singing, unbidden
her liquid song

waving shyly
laughing slyly
her bubbles beckoning
along the ragged shore
licked by the fading light

she froths and spumes
when the north winds blow hard
sighs and dreams
when dawn comes on
quiet and warm

eternally flowing
the cool current
with a wink and a smile
unknown perils below.