Seven Post-Holiday Dinner Activities for the Family

The post-Christmas dinner hours can be either blissful or dreaded, depending on how you and your family make use of this time.  For many, this means long-winded conversations about politics or mediocre small talk about your college classes.  Instead, to make your time fruitful and memorable, we recommend some activities that could spice your evening up.  It could add some flavor and allow to tolerate your family without having to leave within fifteen minutes of dessert.

Board games

For many people board games are a great way of passing the time.  Some classics in this category my family thrives on include Code Names and Chinese Checkers.  Whether it’s a multiplayer strategy game or go fish with the younger cousins, board games will keep your family entertained for hours on end.  The process of teaching younger children and older adults to play the game also encourages communication, teamwork, and laughter.

DIY Gingerbread house

While manual dexterity may not be for everyone, the concept of building something together will create lasting memories.  I recently had the opportunity of opening a gingerbread village kit that kept my friends actively engaged for over an hour.  The gingerbread kit, along with decorative sweets, are also relatively inexpensive.  If you’re a baking fanatic and wish to attempt baking gingerbread cookies from scratch, this could mean even more time to collaborate and survive holidays with the family.

Christmas movies

Running through the classics like Home Alone, The Polar Express, and Merry Christmas Mr. Bean is an excellent way to spruce up your conversations with the family and fill the awkward silences that accompany a long night.  Binging a Netflix series can also serve as a great alternative.

Bake some holiday treats

Creating after dinner goodies by following a dessert recipe rather than purchasing one from the supermarket helps create a new activity for everyone.  Choose a recipe that is simple to follow but has multiple straight-forward steps that enables multiple parties to pitch in.  For example, baking a batch of shortbread cookies or blueberry muffins.  For myself last year, my family baked an apple pie together following a recipe from scratch.  The activity allowed everyone to pitch in, including my six-year old nephew, who stirred the batter. 

Make some Christmas tree decor

Preparing some simple supplies from the art store will mean a fun craft activity for children and adults alike.  While I have never done this personally, after hearing about the entertainment merit from peers, it is something that is worth trying this Christmas.

Build a snowman

If the weather allows (which is often the case in Canada), try inviting your family to the front yard or a nearby park for some traditional outdoor fun.  Building a snowman is a highly strenuous exercise that involves all-hands-on-deck.  Having multiple family members collaborate, particularly the children, helps the evening pass by faster.

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