Wickedly Good Times

Sometimes, there is nothing like saying you are done with something—or someone.  Sometimes, it feels good to quit.  Sometimes, the only way to feel better is to indulge in something decadent.  And, sometimes, the only way to get your good vibes back is to do something you probably shouldn’t.

I don’t recommend robbing a bank, murdering your boss, or shipping a ‘problem’ child off to Antarctica so they’ll really have something to cry about! Going to jail is an entirely different level of wicked.  There comes a time, however, when nothing else will do but a box of chocolate truffles, paired with multiple large glasses of your favourite red wine to wash it down.  There comes that cold, dismal, snowy, spring Canadian day when nothing will heal your soul more than bundling under a pile of blankets with an all-day marathon of Narcos, joyfully scarfing every kind of comfort food you can get your sticky hands on.

Eventually, there comes a day when the finest way to achieve peace of mind is to discard that goal you’ve been unsuccessfully striving for the last five to ten years, and just serenely accept it’s not going to happen.  There comes a day when you confidently look your spouse or best friend in the eye and tell them the truth instead of giving a sugar-coated version that doesn’t help them anyway.  “No, I don’t want to try ice climbing with you” or “No, those jeans do not flatter your butt”.  Thus, your wickedly authentic voice begins to emerge out of the ‘nice zone’.

Doing what other people consider pointless, or just wrong, may be the only action that will bring you closer to a sense of what you stand for.  Alternatively, instead of settling for ‘reality’, maybe you need to give yourself a virtual smack upside the head, get your act together, and chase your dreams, no matter how unbelievably difficult the road ahead may seem.  The time is now to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Perhaps taking a month off from the killer term paper, killer work project, or killer marathon training program, will save your life—because maybe it’s actually killing you.  Why not sit and watch the world go by for a change?  Something amazing might happen:you might actually feel good doing nothing! Or, maybe it’s time to tell someone to take a hike and too bad if they don’t like it—if your sanity depends on it.

No one is going to agree with your choices all the time.  No one’s opinion of you matters as much as your own.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, and it’s not meant for living someone else’s dreams.  Life is what you decide it will be, every day.  When you stop caring what everyone thinks and let go of guilt over indulging in pleasure, you can move mountains and swim oceans.  I’m speaking from experience. I quit jobs, dumped someone over the phone, had three desserts, went for a long Harley ride just for fun (and survived), and I called someone on their lies, to their face.  No regrets.

[Aren’t we all a bit of the rebel? That’s why we’re at AU and not adhering to the traditional style of post-secondary, right?  That’s probably why students picked this article, from late April, to be included among the Best of.  Makes sense to me!]