The Time is Write Now

Resolve to be published this year—it's easy!

Wouldn’t it be nice to do something different this year?

Every year you swear it will be different, but by the end of December, you realize it’s been the same old, same old.

How about exploring your creative side?  How about being published?  How about earning some extra money?

How about doing all three things in one easy step?  You can, if you write for The Voice.

The Voice is Athabasca University’s student magazine.  Funded by AUSU, The Voice is published online each Friday.  The Voice‘s mission is “to provide a quality magazine composed of articles—created by AU students and guest writers from other universities—that share news, ideas, opinions, and insights with all our students.”

Click on to read a sampling of recent articles.

Much of The Voice‘s content is produced by students at AU.  From opinion pieces to study tips, personal reflections to poetry, news coverage to photography, book reviews to interviews (and more,) students get to exercise their creativity—and get paid for it.

Contributors to The Voice work on a freelance basis.  They get paid per article published, and there is no commitment to contribute every week.  Student writers for The Voice decide how often they want to contribute articles for consideration, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or just once in a while.

Every article submitted to The Voice is vetted by the managing editor.  If the editor determines the article is of sufficient interest to The Voice‘s readers (mainly AU undergrad students,) he works with the writer to ensure the article meets the highest standards in wording and grammar.

For aspiring writers, or even those who just want to fine-tune their writing skills for academic purposes, the editorial feedback is invaluable.  It’s like getting a writing coach for free.  And the practice pays off:  once an article is accepted and published, the writer gets paid.  (Writers are paid monthly, by direct deposit, for all their articles published the previous month.)

Not into article writing?  The Voice publishes (and pays for) photo features and comics, too, as well as poetry and short fiction.

Getting started is easy:  you don’t even have to write anything to begin with (although you can.)  Simply go to the Write for The Voice page at to contact the editor and introduce yourself.  The Voice is always interested in hearing from prospective writers and you could be the writer they’re waiting to hear from.

Let 2019 be the year you really do start something different.  Launch your writing career, explore your creative side, make some money, push your boundaries a bit, or just have some fun.

Don’t settle for same old, same old for another year.  Click here now and you’re on your way to a great new year.