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Penny wants to know if other students have experienced delays in their AU-wear orders; seems like the stated 7-10 days sometimes gets stretched a bit.  Nik wonders if she’ll have to pay a fee to reschedule an exam at the AU exam centre if it’s within the 10-day window; the consensus is they will charge a fee, even though a proctor wouldn’t in the same circumstances.

Other posts include tutor response times to emails, holding group classes online, and courses ENGL 255, FREN 358, and HIST 201.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Our next Student Town Hall with President @NeilFassina is on Tuesday, February 19th in Edmonton.  Lunch provided!! RSVP:  #yeg #yegevents #AthabascaU.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU is proud to have joined up with over 75 student unions across Canada to address the changes to student funding in Ontario.  You can read the national letter signed by the student unions online at  #cdnpse #studentvoicesmatter #onpse.”


New students to AU’s Faculty of Business will want to watch the AU Faculty of Business – Undergraduate Students Orientation.

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