The Fit Student—My Cure for Cancer

A loved one was stricken with cancer.  Not once, but twice.  She responded well both times to chemotherapy, going two decades cancer-free.  But her sleep shifted, often leaving her awake until 3 a.m., puffy-eyed.  And this past year, she entered emergency more than once.  Despite her success with chemo, she smokes and eats sugar-rich, highly processed foods—while scorning my organic diet (which I can barely afford).  But by scraping pennies for organic, I’ll bypass disease, such as cancer or a relapse of chronic fatigue syndrome, down the road,.

Dr. Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young say, “Every moment of your life you have a choice—what you put in your mouth, whether to exercise or not, whether to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, eat meat … or not.  Vibrant health or pain and disease, you will soon discover, is a choice” (location 168 of 8595, 2%).  After all, “no doctor can eat your food, exercise your body, manage your thoughts and emotions, or adopt a new lifestyle.  Only you can do these things” (Young & Young, location 197 of 8595, 2%).

Despite my loved one’s diet, she serves as a chemo success story.

Yet, another loved one went through chemotherapy and soon after died.  Despite her sick state, she remained happy, focusing on everyone but herself.  Not once did she complain about pain, either.  Instead, she listed family birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.  She also shared accounts of her visions of heaven.  I only met her three or four times, but her final words to me was that she loved me.  So, I visit her grave often, feeling more love from her than from most anyone else in my life.  Still, I wonder if she would’ve suffered less if she said no to chemo: “Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as curative measures for cancer have failed miserably—without even mentioning the quality of life during the treatment” (Young & Young, location 197 of 8595, 2%).

If I have cancer, I won’t cure it with chemotherapy.  I have a weak stomach, so I believe chemo would kill me.  Instead, I’d try Dr.  Robert O Young’s and Shelly Redford Young’s natural therapy for cancer.  They’ve turned “cancer terminal patients (people labeled soon to be dead with no hope) into lively, thriving, and healthy individuals” (location 159 of 8595, 2%).

I watch videos of people with chronic fatigue syndrome, in coma-like states, who need a cure.  I know the feeling of suffering when your health plummets, when one to three days each week you do little else but sleep, writhing in nausea and pain.  But that’s chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cancer is different, isn’t it?  I have never felt its agony, but I long to expose people to natural cures.  I have found one such potential cure: The pH Solution by Dr.  Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young.

But Dr.  Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young don’t think cancer is entirely different than chronic fatigue syndrome—or any other disease, for that matter.  Instead, they assert that all disease stems from the same cause—an acidic body: “The one sickness and disease is the over-acidification of the blood and then tissues due to an inverted [unhealthy] way of living, eating, and thinking.  The one treatment is to alkalize and energize” (Young & Young, location 434 of 8595, 5%).*

So, how does the human body—your body—manage acidity? “When the blood becomes charged with … metabolic toxic acids, the blood has to purify itself by throwing these acids into the surrounding tissues to maintain its delicate pH balance of 7.365 ….  Acid is poison in the blood, and if that poison is not eliminated through urination, defecation, respiration or perspiration, the body has to purify itself, so it eliminates this acid poison into the connective and fatty tissues” (Young & Young, location 281 of 8595, 3%).  If acidity causes all disease, how come disease manifests itself in different ways—such as through lung cancer versus heart disease versus brain tumors?  “For any organ that is enervated [weakened] below the average standard from stress …  [or] from work, or worry, from injury, or any other cause, that organ may become the location of the crises of … Acidosis” (Young & Young, location 367 of 8595, 4%).

According to their book, colds act as a first step toward disease: “To find the cause of all symptomologies—including cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes—start with colds and catarrh [mucus], and watch the pathology as it travels through Seven Stages of Acidity: 1) enervation [weakness], 2) sensitivity and irritation (IBS), 3) catarrh [mucus], 4) inflammation, 5) indulation (lupus, lymes, fibromyalgia), 6) ulceration [ulcers] and then to 7) degeneration—cancer, heart attack, stroke, AIDS, ALS, MS and diabetes” (location 377 of 8595, 4%).

Thus, they suggest the common cold marks a first stage of acidity.  Lately, I’ve been blowing my nose every morning while training in the gym.  Yet, I haven’t had a full-blown cold since a-year-and-eight-months ago.  That’s when I began exercising and eating healthier.  I also cured myself of chronic fatigue syndrome during that time.  Yes, diet and exercise can delay—or, in my case, even cure—disease.

So, what is Dr.  Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young’s pH cure for cancer?*  “Build each meal to be at least 70 percent alkaline (and thus 30 percent acidic).  Better yet is 80 to 20” (location 3129 of 8595, 36%).  In other words, “the more food you eat raw, the better” (Young & Young, location 3142 of 8595, 37%).   And veggies make for the ideal raw food: “Just give vegetables the starring role on your plate, where acidic protein (like meat) or carbs (like pasta) might have been before” (Young & Young, location 3129 of 8595, 36%).

According to Healthline, high acid foods to avoid include “grains, sugar, certain dairy products, fish, processed foods, fresh meats and processed meats, such as corned beef and turkey, sodas and other sweetened beverages, high protein foods and supplements” (Ashpari & Cirino, August 29, 2018).

The following marks a typical day of the pH cure diet as laid out by Dr.  Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young:

“7 am: Test the pH of your urine.  If the urine is below 7.2, then take 2-3 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate or mineral salts …

7:15 am: 1 liter pure water with pH drops …

7:30 am: Liquid colloidal supplements.

8:00 am: Juiced greens and capsule supplements.

9 am-noon: 1.5 liters pure water with concentrated green powder and pH drops.

Noon: Test the pH of your urine and saliva.  If either is below 7.2, take 2-3 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate or mineral salts …

12:30 pm: Liquid colloidal supplements.

1:00 pm: Raw soup or juiced greens and capsule supplements.

2-5 pm: 1.5 liters pure water with concentrated green powder and pH drops.

5 pm: Test your urine and saliva pH …

5:30 pm: Liquid colloidal supplements.

6:00 pm: Soup or juiced greens and capsule supplements.

7-9 pm: Pure water with pH Drops as desired …

9 pm: Test the urine and saliva pH …” (Young & Young, location 3546 of 8595, 41%).*

Dr.  Robert O Young and Shelly Redford Young break down their program into two phases before the final full phase.*  The first phase lasts a week.  (If I’m correct, the above diet marks the first week.) The second phase, which runs for seven or more weeks, allows you to “go back on solid food … reintroducing a still-limited range of healthy alkaline foods, as well as keeping clear of certain acidic foods” (Young & Young, location 3584 of 8595, 42%).  During this stage, eat “vegetable soups, steam-‘fried’ vegetables, and lots of salads, with liberal amounts of flax, hemp, avocado, and olive oils (added after any cooking)” (Young & Young, location 3596 of 8595, 42%).

The final phase allows you to “add one serving per meal … not to exceed 20 percent of your diet … of the following foods: starchy vegetables (peas, read potatoes, winter squash, sweet potato), legumes, and organic … whole grains (millet, spelt, buckwheat, kamut, quinoa, brown rice, and wheat).  And that’s it.  Your alkaline” (Young & Young, location 3261 of 8595, 42%).

When the budget permits, buy a tasty greens product like Naturelo Raw Greens Superfood Powder.  But if you already flaunt a big budget, “try juicing cucumber, kale, broccoli, celery, lettuce, collards, okra, wheatgrass, barley grass, watercress, parsley, cabbage, spinach, and alfalfa sprouts—just about any other green vegetable that appeals to you” (Young & Young, location 3457 of 8595, 40%).   One fellow cured himself of his fibromyalgia through a juice diet.*

Would you try the pH cure if you wound up stricken with cancer, “labeled soon to be dead with no hope” (location 159 of 8595, 2%)?  Whether you would or not, you might try testing your urine and saliva pH levels to assess your current risk of disease.

* Always consult a physician before making any significant lifestyle changes for your health.

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