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New student Kat plans to do three courses on top of full-time employment; many responders offer advice on how they did it.  Isabella, on the other hand, is elated to be finished her degree after a ten-year slog.  Katy is planning ahead for 2021 convocation and asks for info; responders provide a link and lots more.

Other posts include myAU outage, free hockey tickets, exam services email address, and courses ASTR 205, HLST 200, PHIL 152, and POLI 309.


A less-than-satisfied student gives AU a failing grade, but not every responder agrees.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “#AthabascaU is #NowHiring an Individualized Study Tutor for FREN 422: Littérature française du 17e siècle. Responsible for providing academic support to students & marking assignments, the ideal candidate would have a Master’s in French literary studies”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Check it out! @AthabascaU is featured in the BCBusiness Magazine! (scroll down to 2nd article – and our AUSU execs with AUSU President Fassina). … #cdnpse #disted #innovativelearning.”