Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice Magazine.

Don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is next week already!  Here’s a pair of articles from Voices past to get you in the mood.

‘Tis the season to snuggle.  Christina M. Frey launches the first of three articles about romantic movies.  “Some of the most enduring movie classics are sweeping romantic dramas exploring human love against a backdrop of war or social status.”   Saturday Night at the (Old) Movies—Romance in the Air, Part 1: Romantic Dramas, February 5, 2010.

Be my Sasquatch?  Writer Bill Pollett begs you to be many things, but not that!  “Be my Black Adder, my Mad Hatter. Be my star-kitten, my thunderbunny, my cherry-bomb.”    Lost and Found:  Be My…, February 10, 2006


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