Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice Magazine.

On this Margarita Day February 22, we thought for sure we’d find The Voice’s vault dry.  But no.  Margaritas?  We got ’em!

Margaritas don’t mix well with performance reviews.  Writer Bill Pollett imagines what an employee really wants to say to his boss.  “I suppose my long-term goals are to, you know, just keep slogging away in the accounts receivable department, whilst nursing unrealistic dreams of telling you to fuck off.”  Porkpie Hat—Jenkins’s Final Performance Review,  April 24, 2009.

No driving, just drinking.  Vancouverite Janice Behrens describes her family’s decision to chuck the car keys for good.  Not easy when even her ideal vacation “involves sitting behind the wheel, with good music playing on the tape deck, and with miles and miles of highway in front of me…”     The Good Life—Without a Car, February 9, 2005.

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