Scholarship of the Week

Digging up Scholarship Treasure for AU Students

Scholarship name:  IBABC Post-secondary Scholarships

Sponsored by:  Insurance Brokers Association of BC (IBABC)

Deadline:  March 31, 2019

Potential payout:  $1000 to $5000

Eligibility restriction:  Varies by specific award.  Applicants must be residents of British Columbia and employed in, or related to someone employed in, the BC insurance industry.  See the application for full eligibility requirements for each award.

What’s required:  A completed application form, including academic information, post-secondary goals, and information on community services or extra-curricular activities (depending on the award sought), an official transcript, acceptance letter, and a one-page essay.

Tips:  Get busy, because applications are accepted by mail/courier only.

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