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Sharaya notices that a course was still marked as in-progress months after completion; turns out the prof hadn’t completed the marks process correctly—but all fixed now.  Leslie wonders when T2202a forms will be issued; as usual they were posted February 27, beating the deadline by one day.  Katy kicks off a discussion on student discounts for cell phone plans.

Other posts include switching from full- to part-time status, motivation, and courses BIOL 310, ENGL 255, HIST 370, LGST 551, and PSYC 315.


Several new topic threads, including squeezing courses into the summer months, what defines a full course load, and the easiest AU is revealed!


@austudentsunion tweets:  “The @AthabascaU Convocation 2019 is coming up soon! If you are hoping to walk across the stage in Athabasca this June, but just can’t afford the trip, we can help! Check out AUSU’s Travel Bursary!”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “Want to join our team? #AthaUBiz is hiring an Graduate Enrollment Advisor. Job details can be found here  #YEGJobs.”

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