Seven Reasons Why AU Students Should Get a Dog

The domestic dog is a member of the genus Canis (canine).  They have been bred through hundreds of years from a type of wolf, extinct today, to become the friendly, loyal companions we now know.  The dog was one of the first species to be domesticated and selectively bred for various behaviors and physical attributes.  The most loyal pet you can have, each dog is unique and they come in many sizes, personalities, and colours.  For example, if you are allergic to dogs, you can get a poodle or another hypoallergenic breed which rarely sheds.  Taking care of dogs can be challenging without some experience, but learning is easy.  They have enriched people’s lives by providing friendship, love, companionship, and exercise.  Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a dog as a pet even while attending school:

They are pretty independent

Dogs can be left alone outside for small period of time, tied up, and will enjoy the fresh air.  If you must be away for only a day or two, you can leave them at home; but just make sure you leave out enough food, water, and training pads.  They can be boarded for longer periods of time.  Getting a short haired-breed would be preferable for those with less time on their hands. As a distance student, this is not usually a problem, but it is nice to have somewhat independent animals because most of our lives are pretty busy.

They help people feel better

If you are sad, upset, lonely, or angry, dogs can help you feel better.  They don’t ask for much in return and their love is unconditional.  Dogs are known to be soothing and therapeutic and can also relieve boredom or help you study by alleviating stress. Exam stress can be difficult for many students. Take time away from studying to relax with your dog.

They help get you to exercise

If you have a dog, you need to walk it.  That means you have to walk as well.  If you already go for walks, a dog would be a good companion.  The bigger the dog though, the more you need to walk it.  For a miniature breed, around the block would probably be enough, three times a day.  If you want to get in shape, get a larger dog and go for longer walks. We all know we spend way too much time online, and with most of our schoolwork being online, it can be difficult to get enough exercise everyday.

They can teach kids responsibility

If you have children or plan to have some, dogs can help teach them about responsibility.  They can help in discipline, cleaning up after them, and feeding them.  These duties help to teach children good workmanship and responsibility.

They are lots of fun

Dogs can make you laugh.  They get into things and can be comical to watch at times.  They can play fetch with you or play hide-and-seek.  They can even be taught to clean up their own toys. As students, a lot of our time is spent doing serious things, having fun with your pet can reduce stress and keep you happier and healthier.

They can help make friends

Meeting other people with dogs on a walk is a quick way to make new friends.  Conversations are easier and shy people can find a way to socialize with others while taking their dog out.

They are loyal companions

A dog doesn’t care what you look like or how much money you make.  A dog cares about you, and they are a good friend.  They are loyal and kind.  They also have been known to save human’s lives at times.

So, if you are thinking about getting a dog or puppy, make sure you do a little research on what breed would be best for you.  Some dogs require more grooming, walking, or attention.  Some breeds work well with families, and others, not so much.  During puppyhood, all breeds require basic training, walks, and attention.  One thing is for sure, they will enrich your life in the long run.