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Katy is curious how the AU honours list works, and why the recipient list hasn’t been updated since 2017; we wonder about that too, Katy!  Another poster is looking for “easy” courses; students contemplate a conspiracy to pass off the absolute worst courses as easy.

Other posts include laptop shopping tips, requesting a new tutor, AU’s transfer credit database, and courses HIST 255, NUTR 331, and PSYC 289.


A cluster of course-related queries for FNCE 249, MATH 215, and PHYS 200.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Being an online university, we appreciate that information travels at the speed of light via the web, however, unethical information & content also has the ability to move without barriers and, often times, this is where the trouble begins.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Our March Executive Blog – a year in review from our VPFA, Natasha Donahue, is now posted! Great insight into the first year of a students’ union executive! Check it out at .”

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