The Vintage Voice

Unearthing classic articles from previous issues of The Voice Magazine.

Since you’re living life online, you probably already know that March 18 to 24 is Introverts Week.  We uncocooned long enough to find some introvert references in our pages.

Maybe labels are a good thing.  Writer Bill Pollett wonders if being labelled would help us understand ourselves.  “We all like to think that we transcend the limitations of stereotypes, that we have a valid claim to uniqueness.”   Lost & Found—The Strangeness of Us,  January 19, 2005.

Maybe labels are a bad thing.  Janice Behrens ponders on a catastrophe averted by ignoring a label imposed on a child. “I cannot help but wonder if this case and others like it are not symptoms of a larger tendency in our society towards intolerance of different ways of seeing the world.”    The Good Life—Respecting Differences,  June 23, 2006.