The Fit Student—Look Like a Celebrity the Tony Robbins Way

The Fit Student—Look Like a Celebrity the Tony Robbins Way

Last week, I watched a documentary called Being Tony Robbins.  Mr.  Tony Robbins lives on a gorgeous island and bathes in a waterfall.  But when he revealed his daily routine, I realized my impoverished life was just as rich.  Don’t believe me?  Well, he meditates daily.  I meditate doing the Wim Hof method.  He has a sauna followed by a dip in an ice-cold pool.  Well, I hop straight from a hot steam into an ice-cold shower.  He exercises on specialized machinery.  I exercise at high intensity seven hours a week.  He has a personal trainer.  I have fitness books and my boyfriend who trained all his life.

But wait, I have a boyfriend who acts like a personal trainer?  Not fair?  Well, I’m your personal trainer now.  Free of charge.

I’m almost 50 but have a better body than when I was 18.  I now look at age 50-plus celebrities in bikinis and I look just as fit.   But I smile when I read comments about celebrity privilege.  You don’t need 24-hour personal trainers, 24-hour dieticians, and a beachside resort.  You just need a gym membership, the Cronometer app, a diet plan (tweaked for your taste buds), and Arnold Schwarzenegger’ The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised.  You’ll drop weight and look better than most 18-year-olds in no time.  Who said 50 wasn’t fab?

Once you condition your body to move five hours a week, you crave it.  Rest days feel like torture.  You yearn for the headspace, the endorphins, the beautiful body.  Also, you’ll never worry about your weight if you work out and eat whole foods.  But what if you don’t like the gym?  Don’t worry—the gym highs await, ready to pounce, once you get conditioned.

Gym membership offers you many of the perks in Tony Robbins’ lifestyle: a sauna and an ice-cold shower, a workout, and a bench on which to meditate.  Let’s discover how you, too, can look like a celebrity on next-to-no budget:

Hot Steams and Ice-cold Showers

Tony has an ice-cold pool right outside his sauna.  Celebrity privilege?  Well, an ice-cold shower and steam do just as well.  Find a gym with a steam room and ice-cold shower.  When I took my first ice-cold shower, I went into shock.  But now, nothing beats ice cold.  Ice-cold showers boost immunity and circulation, aid in weight loss and muscle recovery, lower risk of stress and depression, bolster alertness, and shine the skin and hair (Borreli, June 24, 2014, 8:00 AM).  Couple an ice-cold shower with a smoking hot steam, and the fun multiplies.  A hot steam bath “improves circulation … lowers blood pressure … reduces stress … clears congestion … promotes skin health … burns calories … [and] boosts the immune system” (Watson, June 1, 2017).  But who needs a steam bath anyway?  Just dial your shower from hot to ice-cold every two minutes, and you’ve got the free version of Tony’s spa.  You don’t need the Bahamas when you’ve got a bathroom.


Tony works out every morning on specialized machinery.  Celebrity privilege?  Well, you don’t need machines.  You don’t even need a gym membership.  You can use body weight instead with push-ups, bear crawls, jumping jacks, and other free fun.  But if you want a gym membership, buy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised.  (Don’t worry—you don’t have to read his whole book.  Just go straight to his page listing his workout routine, and then search YouTube for examples of each exercise in action.)  Do Arnold’s weightlifting routine, but also throw in 25-minutes on the stationary bike.  Train seven hours a week with two rest days.  Within two years, you’ll look like Tony flew you onto his island for a Victoria Secrets’ photo shoot.


Tony meditates and does affirmations every day.  Celebrity privilege?  Well, you can do that, too, anytime.  First, do the Wim Hof method of meditation to charge your body.   And then download an app called My Affirmations.  But don’t use the default affirmations in the app.  Delete them all.  Replace them with your own researched affirmations.  For instance, for the topic of “Wealth,” research online ways to get rich, then put them in your My Affirmations app.  For the topic of “Social Skills,” research how to get social skills, too, then put them in your app.  The My Affirmations app allows you to record your voice.  So, listen to and repeat your affirmations after your Wim Hof method of meditation.  No offence, Tony, but my readers are about to steal your million-dollar lifestyle.


Tony wakes up to guzzle a greens shake; for breakfast, he has free range eggs and organic coconut bread; for lunch, he has a salad; for a snack, he has a protein meal-replacement shake; and for dinner, he has an organic proteins source with “roasted potatoes, asparagus, and broccoli” (Feloni, Oct.  24, 2017, 12:18 pm.  ET).  His diet surges his energy for his motivational speeches.

Celebrity privilege?  Heck, no!  You can buy greens powder from most any health food store or online at Amazon.  You can even better Tony’s diet by eating three fruits and seven to nine veggies a day.  Add nuts and seeds and one organic protein, and you’ve got the diet of a celebrity.

You can even enter Tony’s diet on the Cronometer app, but tweak it to your taste-buds.  Make sure you get all your required nutrition (RDA) and stay under your calorie allowance.  Set the app for weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain mode—whatever you desire.  You might drop forty pounds fast—like I did.  Then you’ll know why everyone goes away to Mexico for the weekend.

Now, you’ve got the lifestyle of a celebrity awaiting you.  So, crank that shower ice-cold and get ready for push-ups.  But wait!  What about Tony’s eight-figure salary?  Well, I haven’t figured that one out yet.  But when I do, I guarantee I’ll write about it in the free (and just-as-good) version of Times Magazine: yes, The Voice Magazine.

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