The Best Gas Efficient Cars for Students

Having a car is great, but it can be very expensive because of things like insurance, maintenance, repairs, and, of course, gas.  As students, keeping expenses down is important.  We know the price of gas is high, so finding a car that is good on gas, is a must these days.  The Saudi Arabian Oil Minister, Khalid al-Falih, has already announced that they hope to bring the price of gasoline to higher than $70 a barrel by cutting oil production this April.  So, when buying a car, you will want one that has good mileage, is not too expensive, and has a good reputation.

For example, the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, at an estimated 35 mpg in city and 38 mpg on the highway has a 2.4-liter engine and is a popular option for a hybrid which is meant to use less gasoline (CarMax, online).  This hybrid features an electric motor, as well as a light and compact battery.  It is also affordable at a price of about $25,000 new.  If you want a luxurious car but you still want to save gas mileage then consider buying the Lexus LC 500h, it has great gas mileage, a top speed of 155 MPH Although it is expensive at a price of $97,000 new.

If you need a good family car then you might consider a Dodge Journey.  This car is affordable at prices of about $23,000 (new), and it has 7 seats! That is one of the more efficient vans out there.  If you are all about environmentally friendly cars, then you should consider getting a Tesla.  Tesla’s are all electric cars that use battery power thus eliminating the need for gas.  For example, the Tesla Model Y has a range of about 480 km  that it can go before running out of power.  Another feature of Teslas is their seating, all Teslas have at least 5 seats in them with options to add more.  (Tesla, online).  The only draw back is that they are expensive, depending on the model they can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $300,000.

If your looking for a 2-seater the 2019 Mazda MX-5 at 9.0 L/100 km in city, according to Natural Resource Canada, is the most efficient you can get.  The annual fuel cost is estimated to be $1849.  For subcompact cars the Chevrolet Spark is the best, this car is small, fast and nimble.  It has 5 seats and has Low speed automatic braking, forward collision alert, and other cool features.  The best thing is that it costs about $10,000.  This car is also very fuel efficient at an amazing 7.9L per 100KM in the city.  Its annual fuel cost is estimated to be $1,448 (Nrcan, online).

For compact cars the 2019 Toyota Prius C which has 4.9L/100Km with an $1,040 fuel cost per year.  If you need a big family sized car then the Volvo V90 T6 AWD, it has reasonable fuel mileage at 11.1L per 100KM so its not too bad and its annual fuel cost is$ 2,200.  (Nrcan, online).

Do you like the helpful Honda Civic, the luxurious Lexus, or the efficient Tesla, whatever car you choose, just keep in mind the cost of gas and how it is expected to go up. A lot of people can live without a car (especially if you live in a city), but many people rely on their vehicles.  Hopefully, we can find a way to get alternative fuel sources for Canada instead of relying on others to supply our demand.