Dear Barb—On the Tip of the Tongue

Dear Barb:

I’m planning a dinner party but almost everyone has some kind of food issue.  For example, one person is gluten free, one is on a keto diet, one is vegetarian and one is allergic to nuts.  I don’t know what to do! Should I just prepare dinner and hope for the best! Janine.

Hey Janine:

There are so many different food choices and diets today that it is very difficult to prepare dinner for a group.  My advice you would to prepare a variety of food choices that people can put together.  For example, veggies and dip are always a good choice, and then prepare bowls of chicken, beef chunks or shrimp, all in separate bowls for self serving.  Include bowls of cooked rice, cooked pasta, quinoa, and boiled or baked potatoes.  Also include a garden or Caesar salad, with the dressing on the side.  Add some fresh rolls, bread sticks and gluten free bread with butter or dipping sauce on the side.  A variety of spices and sauces should be available as well.  Guests can make their own meal from the variety of choices.  Most of this food can be prepared ahead of time and just warmed up on the required day.  You can do the same thing with desserts; include gluten free and keto friendly bars and cakes.  Hope this helps! Thanks for your question Janine.

Dear Barb:

My husband and I have been married for ten years and it’s been good.  Things changed about six months ago when he began snoring.  It’s started to keep me up. My husband went through all kinds of tests and it seems to stop the snoring he would have to go through surgery to remove a section of his tongue.  Understandably, that isn’t something he wants to do, so the snoring is staying.  I need my sleep, so I suggested I move into the spare bedroom, but my husband doesn’t not want me to do that.  He says he will try to sleep on his side, so the snoring isn’t too bad.  We have two children and we both work full time and sleep is very important to us.  I don’t see a problem with us sleeping in separate rooms, what do you think? Thanks, Michelle.

Hi Michelle:

Many couples choose to sleep in separate bedroom, for a variety of reasons, one being snoring.  Studies say that 25 to 40 percent of couples sleep in separate rooms, so it is definitely an option.  If your husband does not want you to sleep in a separate room, then before doing that make sure you have exhausted all avenues.  Surgery to remove part of your tongue seems pretty drastic.  Before choosing this option, I think it is important that you investigate other alternatives.  Many people do not want to use a CPAP machine, as it requires wearing a face mask and the noise may keep the other person awake.  There is also a new item on the market that you may want to discuss with your doctor. Thanks for your letter, happy sleeping!

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