Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classing Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

With AU’s Convocation ceremonies underway June 7 and 8, we take a look back at how convocation played out in years past.  (Spoiler: convocation used to take place in a tent!)

Under the red and white tent.  Veteran Voice contributor (and former AUSU council president) Debbie Jabbour provides her impressions of attending her own AU convocation.”[W]e left the building towards the graduation tent, walking under the canopy…   I almost lost it when I turned to my right to see three of my daughters, cameras in hands, their smiling faces full of pride as they cheered, ‘yeah mom!’.”   From My Perspective—Graduation Special—The Class of 2003, June 18, 2003.

Convocation moves indoors.  Writer, and former Voice editor, Sandra Livingston goes behind the convocation scenes with AU Event Coordinator Mel MacGregor.  “This year, we were well protected from the elements inside the multiplex. It could have rained, snowed, sleeted or overheated outside and we would have been fine inside.”    Convocation 2009—Behind the Scenes, July 3, 2009.