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Erika wonders why a withdrawal fee was assessed when withdrawing for medical reasons; waiting on an answer from AU for this one.  Katy seeks advice on the best place to print off 300 pages of etext; responders suggest the library, among other places. Casey submitted two assignments for the same course on the same day and wonders what the marking turnaround will be.

Other posts include convocation, waiting for final marks, 3-year versus 4-year degrees, Jason’s cat, and courses PHIL 152, POLI 330, and PSYC 200.


A trio of course questions about ACCT 250, ANTH 499, and SCIE 326.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Incredibly excited about this announcement. Here we GO! #CFL #AthabascaU”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express to the Winspear Centre! @AthabascaU has partnered with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra to present the Music of Harry Potter on June 21 & 22. AU students and alumni can get 15% off tickets!”