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Lynette seeks advice to help her face her first test in 25 years; plenty of support from the community.  Chanelle was disappointed with an exam that didn’t reflect course content; responders urge her to report this to the course coordinator and also on the course evaluation.  Emily wonders if she should invest in a printer for AU course materials; responses suggest that other students’ print requirements vary widely.

Other posts include medical withdrawal, accountability thread, getting detailed course info before registering, and courses ACCT 253, CRJS 370, and PSYC 402.


A student posts detailed course reviews on ACCT 250 and ACCT 253.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Our biggest congratulations to former #AthabascaU writer in residence, Esi Edugyan! Esi was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters from @UAlberta yesterday!  #UAlberta19.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Do you want to get cheaper dispensing fees on prescriptions? How about free delivery, anywhere in Canada? AUSU has partnered with Alliance Pharmacy & Direct2U prescriptions to bring you pharmacy savings – switching is fast and easy!”

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