Editorial—A Canadian Editorial

Happy Canada Day!  At least, this is the last issue before Canada Day happens, so I thought I’d take the opportunity right now to note that.

As summer comes fully on, a lot of articles and media turn to describing the wonders of the out doors and helping you find activities to take advantage of it, but let’s be honest, some people just aren’t out-doorsy.  Let me curl up with a good book or a fun new game, rain or shine, and I’m just as happy as at any sporting event. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

I know this because the newest student to submit to The Voice has supplied just what you might need to get you through those stretches of summer when it seems every staff member you need is on summer break and work slows to a crawl—a list of must-see binge-worthy TV shows.

Even better, she starts and ends the list with a couple of Canadian shows, just in time for Canada day, that works for me!

And our feature article this week is interviewing a student who came to Canada as a refugee and is now pursuing CPA accreditation here at AU.  This student also happens to have one of the most unusual jobs that I’ve heard of, so the interview is definitely worth checking out.

Also this week, you have to read the Porkpie Hat. You just have to.  Darjeeling Jones provides us all with some advice on how to live life that I’m absolutely certain you won’t find anywhere else.  And the best part is, I feel like I’m already doing it.  At least the first part.  It sure sounded familiar.

This week also has the Council Connection from the AUSU Saturday Council Meeting.  Written by yours truly, this time, when I first got the agenda I figured it’d be an easy one since the meeting had no policies on the agenda.  Without policy changes, what’s to report?

As it turns out, a lot.  Resignations from the executive, from council, programs shutting down at AU, changes to awards, and more.  The truth, however, is that writing it out like that makes it sound a lot more dire than it is, but that won’t stop me from using it on twitter as click-bait.

But speaking of click-bait, if you happen to be reading this and you haven’t subscribed to our email list, I encourage you do to so.  You’ll get an email reminder every Friday with a (hopefully) pithy subject line and a shot of our table of contents so you know what you’re getting into with The Voice that week, plus we occasionally (okay, rarely.  As in almost never.  But sometimes!) run secret contests or have other strange goings on in the mailing list.  You never know.

Until then, however, enjoy the read!

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