The Fit Student—What to do When you hit Rock Bottom

Today was my birthday, and my sister, who phones me once a year, never phoned.  Instead my beloved niece wished me a happy birthday from my sister via Facebook text message.  I felt like crying.

I messaged my niece that every human has a low point in life.  When we hit our low, which we all at some point do, we either sink into despair or turn our lives around.  Some seek God; others go on meditation retreats; still others seek Buddhism, self-help books—even therapy.  But if you learn to love unconditionally, you’ll discover healing and happiness.

A beloved mentor of mine said to guard my mind from judging others.  And I understood why she said that.  When we stop judging others and instead look at our own faults, we improve.  We become better workers, better friends, better companions.  And we find happiness.

If you put 110% love and energy into everything you do, and into everyone you meet, you begin to thrive.  Treat every minute of the day as if it’s the first date with your biggest crush.  Put your very best side forward every day to everyone and every task for the rest of your life.  That’s the secret to unconditional love—and your happiest, most successful life.

And unconditional love needs to be directed at more than just your loved ones.  Focus the love on your bodily aches and pains, your reflection in the mirror, your dinner plate, your higher power.  In other words, focus the love on anything that hits your conscious mind at every moment of the day.  Walk around love-struck every moment of the day.

But never judge—not others, just yourself.  But with love.  Treat your wounded self as another “you,” someone you don’t judge but to whom you show great love.  Then figure out how you can become your happiest, most positive version of yourself to comfort your wounded self.  That way, you grow—and you feel—even more inwardly beautiful.

Part of loving unconditionally involves listening to others.  Deeply.  Put aside everything just to listen.  That way, you can offer others encouragement.  And apply that same level of conscientiousness to your household cleaning, to your work, to your schoolwork, to your appearance, to your timber of laughter, to your praise of others.  After all, we only have one life.  So, fill every second with love.

It’s when we take life—and others—for granted, that we head toward our lowest point.  So, turn your life around before you hit rock bottom.  Live lovestruck every day.

On my birthday, I felt saddened by all the wrongs I did my sister.  And I placed no blame on her.  Instead, I took comfort: I could slowly woo her again, and maybe one day win her over.

And I looked to my wounded self with no blame, just with unconditional love—love from my happiest, most positive inner self.    After all, our happiest, most positive inner self is who we truly are.