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Sonika is looking toward an MD degree following AU and was wondering about AU Psych acceptance and MCAT assistance, and while not a lot of definitive information came from it, she found some contacts that may help her in future.

Phil 252 has claimed yet another student, as Lisa struggles to wrap her brain around it, but this time some helpful advice came out about finding podcasts and sources other than AU to help explain the material.  She notes some success this way (AU should note this too!)

Other posts include checking if your exam was received, pointers for the HLST 201 exam, PSYC 304 general information requests, and how to get accepted into an MA of counselling without the two years experience.


@AthabascaU tweets: Stay ahead of the curve! 4 Habits of People Trying to Learn New Skills:  #ThursdayThoughts

@austudentsunion tweets:  Check out the latest Episode of AUSU Open Mic! Our exec team discuss AUSU’s birthday as well as some great summer study tips. Plus, get an Athabasca University history lesson from your VPEX!

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