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A hot thread about whether exam invigilation fees are, or are not, claimable along with tuition fees for income tax; Kendra saves the day with some excellent information.  Tomi asks how many courses make a student full-time; “three” is the most popular response.

Other posts include a trio of perennial topics covering easy credits, AU service standards, and delays in marking, and what to do after bombing an exam.


A post asks about transfer credits; something many AU students have experience with!  Other posts include questions about courses COMP 400, HADM 339, and HIST 200.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Did you know that most students charged with Academic Misconduct did not realize they had done anything wrong? Make sure you know the rules, and don’t risk the heavy penalties from plagiarism.  Check out the recorded AU Academic Integrity Webinar at”

@AU_Press tweets:  “A woman who pours ‘all the darkness within her’ into a coffee mug, age slipping out of a body ‘like a tree shedding its bark,’ outbursts evoking ‘the smell of burnt chilies’—these are but a few of the striking images in SPARK OF LIGHT. #WITMonth #ReadWIT.”

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