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Kayla asks if 18 courses in two years is possible; responses suggest that some students have actually done this, but it’s not possible for everyone in every situation.  Faye is trying to connect with other English majors; they are out there!  Ashley wonders if a course extension fee is required to rewrite a final exam; responders assure that just the supplemental exam fee is needed.

Other posts include turning off course email notifications, struggling with the ECON 247 e-text, thanking a great tutor, and exam study practices.


An update on a previous post about appealing an exam grade:  a student reports a successful appeal at the second stage, resulting in a passing grade.  Other posts deal with courses CHEM 217, ECON 428, and MGSC 312.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Check out Dr. @NeilFassina in the book 150 Extraordinary Canadians: Our Leadership and Innovation Legacy. The book looks at past and present generations of Canadians with significant accomplishments throughout our communities.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Are you on track to complete your degree? Find out for sure with AU’s DegreeWorks!”

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