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Angela asks other students’ advice on desktop speech-to-dictation apps; so far, Dragon Speak is the most recommended.  Stephanie seeks input on challenging SPAN 300.  Jasmine asks for feedback on how current AU textbooks are, and if an AU degree is valued the same as other degrees; most responders find AU textbooks up-to-date, and the degree often more valued because of the discipline required for online studies.

Other posts include logging in to MS Office, finding textbooks, and courses ENGL 305, PSYC 315, and PSYC 405.


Some thoughtful responses to a query about completing a BA in 3 years while working full time and raising a family.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Are you an @AthabascaU Business student? Want to get more involved? The #AthabascaU Faculty of Business is now recruiting for student case competitions! Apply by Sept 20! #igo2AU.”

@AthabascaUBiz tweets:  “Our online #MBA program is not an isolated study experience; you work through your courses with a group you come to know well online, including your academic coach. #businesseducation #firstonlineMBA #bschool.”