You may not realize this, but writers for The Voice Magazine get recognized for their work and I couldn’t be prouder.  The latest of ours to receive an award is none other than Barb Godin.  The Professional Writer’s Association of Canada has decided that her article, Mary’s Story, published on January 4, 2019 in our “Best of 2018” issue (for good reason, as is now abundantly apparent) is deserving of their award for Best Short Article!

Congratulations from us here at The Voice Magazine, and also, I’m sure, AUSU Council for her achievement.

If you’re not familiar with Barb, she writes the weekly “Dear Barb” column, giving folks advice from her experience with life, and it’s in the articles she writes, such as “Mary’s Story” that you see where that experience comes from.

We’ve had articles in The Voice Magazine recognized before, but it always makes me happy to see that other people are noticing the content we put out here as well!

For example, along with our feature interview with a student recently come to Canada from the UK, we have Porkpie Hat looking at what a real life lived looks like, and Wanda Waterman questioning the lasting underpinnings of patriarchy.  What she’s found may not be what you expected. As a side note, I have to admit that I self-censored my first picture choice for Wanda’s article, because I knew as a featured article on our site, the picture would be on the top of the front page for the next week, and while I think it’s actually perfect for the article itself, it’s not the type of greeting that I thought new visitors—especially those drawn by Barb’s recent win—should find themselves meeting when they load up our site.  For those wondering, this was the picture in question.

It’s blunt, direct, certainly eye-catching, and ties into Wanda’s article quite nicely, I thought.  Yet still, probably too provocative for our front page, right?

Or maybe you disagree.  Let me know, am I being too politically correct in this instance? Or is it just my wise maturity (ha!) showing through.

Of course, those aren’t the only articles in this week’s issue, as if you’re looking for something different to cook next weekend for Thanksgiving, the Not-So-Starving Student has an idea, stick with the bird theme, but maybe go a bit more exotic with a honey roasted duck!  And once you’ve done that, you may need to check out Marie Well’s article on how to keep weight off when you’re over 50.  I haven’t reached that age yet myself, but I’m keeping the article bookmarked for a couple years.  Another one worth a look this week is the Fly on the Wall with “Keep Calm and Study On”.  It may not seem the most practical advice for avoiding exam anxiety, but it should keep your brain busy enough that it doesn’t have time to get anxious.

And all of this is not to forget our useful shorts and other articles for students, including advice, scholarships, events, news, and just thoughtful reads.  So welcome to October, and enjoy the read!

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