Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classing Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

We had one hand raised for Vodka Day on October 4, while the other hand was scrounging in the vault for vintage shots.

Chanelling Orwell.  Lionel T. Undershaft, III, (which sounds faintly pseudonym-ish) wounds Canadian democracy critics with piecing satire.  “And as for education, well newsflash, you can have fourteen PhDs in the field I’m hiring in, but I’m still going to give the job to my idiot son or the woman with the biggest breasts.”  Excerpt From an Address Entitled “Wake Up and Smell the Vodka, Soviet Canuckistan”, April 13, 2005.

No one can knock it back like Baba.  Writer Audrey Karperien finds wisdom in the inspirational sayings of flask-toting Baba.  “She told me garlic was a gift from the earth that could hide the smell of vodka any day.  The Harried Student: The Wisdom of the Baba, October 02, 2002.

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