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Last Chance to Pledge to Win a Free AU Course!

Have you pledged to vote yet? The Canadian Federal Election is October 21, so there are only a few days left to pledge to vote and be entered to win great prizes!

By pledging to vote at, AUSU members will automatically be entered in a draw to win a variety of great prizes from AUSU, including:

  • FREE undergraduate course at Athabasca University (2 available)
  • Amazon Gift Cards (up to $100 each, 5 available)
  • Free Online AU Exam Invigilation through ProctorU ($40 value, 20 available)

Visit the AUSU website here for more details.

AUSU Executive Blog 

Your AU Students’ Union President, Brandon Simmons, gives some insight about advocacy work that AUSU does on behalf of AU students! Did you know that AUSU advocates directly to the federal government for you?

He also gives some insights on our Get out the Vote campaign so far, and why it is important that AU students pledge to vote!

Check out the October blog online here.

Tips for Voting 

The Canada Federal Election is on October 21, 2019. Your voice matters – it is crucial that all students get out and vote. This is one of the best ways to have a say in the future of your country! Here are some tips to prepare you to vote:

Where to Vote: 

Visit Elections Canada Voter Information Service to find your assigned polling station.

What to Expect:

Check out this video from Election Canada for information about what to expect on voting day!

Who to Vote for: 

When you vote in a federal election, you are voting for your local Member of Parliament (MP), who will represent you in the House of Commons in Ottawa. Though you do not vote directly for the Prime Minister of Canada, your vote indirectly has an impact on this role. The political party who can get the support of the most MPs (i.e. fill the most positions) will form government and appoint their leader as the Prime Minister.

Visit Elections Canada here for a list of election candidates in your area.

You can check out the individual party platforms online here.

On October 21, make sure to Get out and Vote!