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Alyssa expresses frustration that she can’t get through to financial aid; other students reply they’re having trouble too, and a student union rep suggests contacting AUSU or AUGSA.  Amanda seeks info on whether current AU students need to pay application fees for AU grad studies; AU itself responds that application fees are one time generally, but some grad programs have a separate fee.

Other posts include financial need threshold for bursary applications, taking notes, course extension fees, and courses ECON 321, ENGL 255, HUMN 309, and PSYC 406.

@AthabascaU tweets:  “Were you aware that it is #NationalBookMonth? Head over to

@au_press to see what they have to help you celebrate.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Our latest Exec Blog is posted! AUSU President, Brandon Simmons, gives some insight about AUSU advocacy and why it is important that #AthabascaU students pledge to vote!”