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Ben wonders if anyone has done six courses in a 4-month semester; apparently AU students have been there and are doing that.  A student loses a full day’s work after a computer crash and another student suggests using Google Docs to prevent future scenarios like this.

Other posts include finding the contract end date, choosing courses, and courses COMP 232, HLST 320, INST 370, NUTR 331, and PSYC 379.


A current UofT student wonders if switching to AU for the degree’s remainder affects eligibility for law school later.  Other posts include questions on BIOL 325, FNCE 370, and SOCI 381.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Students taking #AthabascaU’s online Master of Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies (MA-IS) will have an exciting new course option this winter—MAIS 572: Listening as a way of Knowing. Learn more on #TheAUHub.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Want cheaper prescriptions? How about free delivery right to your door, all across Canada? AUSU members get this perk for free through Alliance Pharmacy! #igo2AU.”