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Kristy wonders if ENGL 255 exam essay questions will be treated as drafts for marking purposes; this fires up an intense discussion on ENGL 255 in general.  Kayla seeks tips on other online universities; responders provide some options.  Sam asks for student feedback on Biology courses.

Other posts include ProctorU, invigilation centres, academic references, and courses CHEM 217, EDPY 471, and GEOG 302.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “#AthabascaU has announced exciting changes for Convocation 2020, including a new date and an additional event in Toronto for our learners in Eastern Canada.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “The holidays can be a stressful time. If you are struggling, there is help available, 24/7. Free for @AthabascaU students. Call Homewood Health at 1-800-663-1142 or visit for online resources and support. #mentalhealth #AthabascaU.”


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