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Sai asks if ProctorU permits exams to be written in public libraries; an AU rep responds after contacting ProctorU, and private rooms in libraries are the only public spaces permitted.  Jennifer tosses some advice out to new students, including to contact tutors early in the course, and to reach out to other students in the same courses.

Other posts include risks in switching programs, assignment-marking timelines, learning objectives, and courses ACCT 253, BIOL 325, MATH 244, PSYC 228, and WGST 333.


An interesting query from a graduate of another uni who wonders if taking AU courses would help boost GPA to masters-acceptance levels; responders propose other options.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “BIG Congratulations to former #AthabascaU Writer-in-Residence @richardvancamp! Richard’s ‘The Lesser Blessed’ has made the @cbcbooks #CanadaReads longlist!”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “There are lots of scholarships and awards through #AthabascaU with deadlines approaching! Find out more on the AU website! #igo2AU #studentfunding.”