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Eve wonders what happens if a student flunks an exam near the end of the contract date; most responses mention the 90-day window for exam re-takes.  Sandy asks if a dictionary and thesaurus are permitted in the ENGL 255 exam; replies are mixed, but Sandy finds the answer (dictionary permitted) in the exam info.

Other posts include withdrawing from a course, Ebscohost, and courses INFS 200, PSYC 406, and WGST 305.


The most-asked question about easy courses returns; always fun to see what other students think of as “easy”.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “How has #AthabascaU transformed your life and the way you envision your future? We’re celebrating a milestone and want to celebrate yours! #AthabascaU50 #MovingBeyond.”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Check out our latest AUSU Open Mic podcast with #AthabascaU students discussing breaking down barriers that face indigenous students. Listen in at or visit our website for all episodes. #igo2AU #cndpse #abpse #indigenous.”