Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classing Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

Mid winter is the perfect time for the levity of Backward Day on January 31.  Our writers have often immersed themselves in the spirit of absurdity, so it’s worth a backward glance into the archives.

Resting on his laurels.  Writer Bill Pollett envisions the day he’ll be finished his degree, when he can start purging himself of all he’s learned.  “Phase Two of my life plan…will involve the gradual and systematic unlearning of all the academic twaddle that I have previously absorbed.”  Unlearning, September 24, 2003

Is the grass really greener?  Jana Thurova returns to university in Slovakia after completing several years of education in North America.  “What I really don’t like is the atmosphere in classes and some teachers’ attitudes. Students are required to show complete respect.”  Education—From Communism to Free Enterprise, July 9, 2003.

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