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Faithe wonders how other students manage five courses—one at a time, or work on all five simultaneously; responses show that each student finds their own method after exploring the options.  Mhairi asks if textbooks need to be returned when dropping a course within the 30-day window; responders say yes.

Other posts include an APA style video, easy humanities electives, early access to courses, submitting SINs through myAU, and courses LGST 489, NUTR 331, and SOCI 301.


A student wonders if there’s any way to pass a course with a fail on the mid-term (and a pass is a requirement); responses suggest it’s unlikely but worth asking the tutor or course coordinator.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “This free, 4-week course is open to teachers and other educational professionals considering implementing blended learning practice into their own classrooms or programs. Free MOOC for Blended Learning Practice begins March 1”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “Hey #AthabascaU students – there are LOTS of places you can get student discounts across Canada! Check out this guide online for details! (and get your Student ID card from AU! #igo2AU.”