Five Heavenly Snacks for the Gorgeous You

I have a confession.  The pantry’s bare, and I can’t stop thinking about food.  Not potato chips, candy bars, or a loaded extra-large pizzas.  They make me feel guilty, bloated, and blah.  I’m talking the healthy scrumptious snacks that fill your body with purity, joy—and, yes, ecstasy.  You want to look as gorgeous as ever, don’t you?

Recently, I was at the cash register getting my groceries scanned.  I’m on a tight budget, so I had twenty cans of beans: kidney, chickpeas, black beans, and lentils.  I also had five bags of frozen blueberries, four bags of avocadoes, and four bags of apples.  I didn’t have any vegetables; I buy them at a different store.

Behind me in line was a young but obese couple.

“What’s with all the blueberries?” snarled the husband.

“She likes her blueberries,” laughed the wife.

I looked over at their groceries, which consisted of six giant bags of potato chips and other junk foods.

The wife said, “She buys all the cheap stuff.”  She then whispered to her husband, “Maybe we should eat like that.”

And that’s when I said, “I got sick four years ago, so I started eating healthy.  You crave healthy foods the more you eat them.”

I hoped they’d remember this moment if one of them ever grew ill.  And the odds of that looked alarmingly high.

But they’d have been better served if I listed delicious but healthy snacks.  You know, the kind of snacks that make potato chips look passé.  Oh, yes, the snacks that make you feel great, not guilty.  The snacks you can’t stop dreaming about when the pantry’s bare.

If you don’t know the joy of healthy snacking, you’re missing out on life’s finest dining.

Here are some of my dreamiest sweet and healthy snacks:

Frozen blueberries in a cup of milk with a tablespoon flaxseed: a healthy milkshake.  The milk freezes, too, giving it an icy texture.  Just eat it with a spoon and you’ve got a brain boosting breakfast.  Did someone say payday?

Banana smothered with almond butter and a pinch of cinnamon.  Pure ecstasy! Or, if you’re not nuts about bananas, then dip a dark chocolate bar in almond butter and top with dried cherries.  Pinch me!

Strawberries topped with unsweetened whipped coconut cream, hemp seeds, and dark chocolate nibs.  They serve this in heaven, right? Just whip a can of unsweetened coconut cream or unsweetened full fat coconut milk.  Drop a dollop on your strawberries and top with hemp and dark chocolate delights.  Eyes crossing yet?

My theatrics will now die down as I just ate a surprise feed of raw almonds.  Or maybe I’ll grow more ecstatic with what comes next: my dreamiest savory and healthy snacks:

Salmon or tuna mixed with whipped avocado, wrapped in a blanket of fresh kale.  Well, who needs oils or mayo anyway? A whipped ripe avocado excites with ten times the taste and a hundred times the health.  And your heart will beat steadier, despite swelling with love.

Trail mix blend of mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate nibs, shredded unsweetened coconut, and—do not forget—Medjool dates.  The first time I ate a Medjool date, I knew what a wickedly wholesome candy could taste like.  It happened to be stuffed with cream cheese, if you want a savory twist for your taste buds.

If you never look at a potato chip again, hey, I don’t blame you.  After tasting healthy snacks, your stomach will no longer growl or moan; it’ll purr.  Bon appetite in heaven, gorgeous you!

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