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Group admin posts a reminder that the group serves as a peer support forum, and is not a substitute for information best obtained directly from AU.  Shauna asks about switching certificate programs; replies direct her to AU advising.  Jacqueline seeks tips for overcoming resistance to essay-writing; many students respond with their best strategies.

Other posts include academic writing courses, timing for tuition increases, “super-easy” courses, and courses ECON 248, ENGL 211, and ENVS 200.


A student asks for insights to help decide between PSYC 387 Learning and PSYC 355 Cognitive Psychology; early responses lean toward 387.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “For students who plan to travel during their gap year, online courses are a great supplement to their experiences. #GapYear #University #onlineuniversity.”

@au_press tweets:  “Now available! 25 YEARS OF ED TECH by @mweller is THE retrospective you need on educational technology. Download your copy here:”

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