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Christabel wonders if students can withdraw from courses without a fee during the COVID-19 situation; waiting for the busy folks at AU to confirm.  Jodi seeks info on approved calculators to use during CHEM exams.  Mary’s looking for survey participants between the ages of 18 years and 20 years, 11 months.

Other posts include anti-virus software, course extensions, LinkedIn Learning, official/un-official transcripts, paper-exam delays, and courses COMP 361 and LGST 369.


A student seeks used textbooks for  PSYC 402 and PSYC 435.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “We understand some of you may be struggling with assignments, figuring out who to contact at the university or be suffering with mental health struggles. Reach out publicly, privately through a DM or at We’re here to help.”

@AUGSA tweets:  “AU president Neil Fassina has a message for AU students finding their way in the covid-19 world. Find it here:”

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