Vintage Voice

While the current global pandemic of COVID-19 seems to be carving out a new reality of hyper-concern, a peek in our past issues shows a repeat of certain themes.

Whatever happened to H1N1?

The Voice reports on government cautions ahead of a possible second wave of H1N1, aka the swine flu.  “Among other recommendations, the government is advising school officials to be diligent about cleaning practices and to ‘promptly isolate children who fall ill with flu-like symptoms’…”  International News Desk – At Home: Federal government urges schools and daycares to prepare for H1N1, August 21, 2009.

Finding calm in the stress-storm.

Columnist Hazel Anaka examines strategies for dealing with the stress of major catastrophes.  “We can all reshape our attitude about what’s happened, stop the hand wringing and come up with a plan of action.”  From Where I Sit—To Stress or not to Stress, March 17, 2006.