Social Activities while Social Distancing

My cranberry walnut muffins turned out well after one baking lesson on Instagram

During this strangely apocalyptic time that appears straight out of a dystopian thriller movie, social distancing has been the centre of everyone’s daily vocabulary.  Social distancing is critical and could be the key to our future of reuniting with friends and our communities.  However, in the meantime, social activities are still very possible using technology.  One of the key changes in lifestyle surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is staying connected from afar.  Without these connections we’ve been accustomed to, we may feel frustrated and anxious.  What are some strategies to stay connected without physically being together with loved ones and our community?

Group Cooking Lessons:

Many celebrity chefs have begun hosting their own cooking classes online.  Chefs like Jose Andres and Massimo Bottura have nightly episodes of Kitchen quarantine on their instagram accounts that share recipes using ingredients in your own fridge.  No trips to the grocery store required! Others have created a live stream of themselves and their family cooking together virtually.  If you’re into developing your culinary expertise, these channels are a gold mine and can help make the whole quarantine experience more humane.

Online Board Games and Party Games

Even for someone who doesn’t regularly commit to video games, this was an eye-opening find.  Particularly, many online games allow multiple players to join via their electronic device.  For example, Jackbox games has an excellent online platform that is simple to use and fun.  Instead of heading over to your favorite board game cafe, these virtual board games can help pass those Friday nights.  Another great online platform is that offers a variety of games for both free and premium members.

This online group drawing game makes Friday nights a memorable time.

Video Chat

No surprises or gimmicks here.  Regardless of whether it’s professional or personal, video conferencing is a great way to stay connected.  Sometimes having a heartfelt conversation helps keep us closer together during this uncertain time.

Group Workout Sessions

One of my favorite finds this week was group workout sessions that can be hosted by professional youtubers or even your own friends.  Group workout sessions are excellent because they help keep us accountable during the pandemic.  One of my personal worries is the challenge of snacking incessantly paired with dormant behavior since the pandemic was declared a month ago.  If the pandemic continues for months, it could impact our physical health as well as our mental well-being.  Therefore, group workout sessions can be a solution that hits two birds with one stone.

Group Movies and Netflix Binging

While Netflix subscribers have jumped up since the start of social isolation, watching movies or TV series does not have to be a solo activity.  In fact, instead of enjoying a movie with your housemates, try video conferencing an entire group at the same time.  You might find that the little laughs and comments makes the experience of binge-watching Netflix a lot more humane.  Besides, who wouldn’t want to have a full-blown discussion after the first episode of Tiger King?


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