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Jessi wonders what happens with accounting courses with paper exams now; responders advise asking the course tutor or the Faculty of Biz contact centre.  Faye relates being locked out of her exam by ProctorU during a bathroom break; still waiting for resolution on this one.

Other posts include computer specs for ProctorU exams, influx of new AU students, the Titanic, course refunds, and courses CHEM 217, PSYC 375, and RELS 211.


One query asking if a degree from AU is viewed as having similar value to a degree from a bricks and mortar uni; responders reassure that it is.  Other posts related to specific courses.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “You can get an #onlineeducation wherever you are—something Global Affairs Canada employees are seeing first-hand. #AthabascaU & French-language Université

@TELUQ have partnered with @GAC_Corporate to provide training for Canada’s international staff”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU has multiple bursaries available for students in financial need, including a New Student Bursary for new #AthabascaU students with between *3 – 11 credits at AU and our AUSU bursary for students with *12 or more credits. Apply online!”